Word from our Happy Clients


Client 1

Yesterday we received our Confirmation of Permanent Residency letter. I remember coming to your office when things seemed a bit unsure for us. In that meeting you reassured me that we were doing everything right and didn’t really need you. At some point in the process we were rejected again, I emailed you for advice and you told us to send an inquiry. You were confident based on the information I gave you that we did everything correctly and someone at IRCC had missed a beat. They saw the error and reopened our file and continued processing. Thank you for guiding us to a successful end. We can honestly say, without the information you gave us (that you may have thought was minor) was the one piece that turned everything around. Thank You!

Client 2

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Gaurav. His expertise helped me to obtain my work permit and extend my stay in Canada so I could get a new job. This is incredible. Gaurav helped me to clarify an administrative situation I thought was desperate and he also accompanied me all along during the struggles of ever changing laws and conditions, which was something out of the scope of my knowledge. I definitely recommend his services if you have doubts or concerns; he will likely bring you the new insights to consider options you may never thought of. I can breath –after stressful times, thanks to Gaurav.

Client 3

I am so overwhelmed that the process actually did work and how you made me be able to relax through the process. I knew that what I wanted was too important for me to handle myself and needed to be handled by a professional. After deciding that we definitely needed and wanted an attorney, we had to find a reputable one who wouldn’t let us down. After asking friends and acquaintances, we found YOU! I am so happy that we found YOU! You did make everything very simple and I didn’t have to worry that I was getting something wrong. Thank you so much for all of your help with my obtaining my permanent resident status. We’ll be working on citizenship next….

Client 4

Thanks again for all your work, advice and professionalism with handling Harleen’s file. It has been five long years, I can remember our first phone conversation when you said it would take so much time and some work. I am glad that I never tried to do all this myself. Please feel free to use my name as a reference, if you ever need one from a client.

Client 5

Vijay and I want to thank you for all your help through the whole immigration process. You helped more than you know. Vijay received his permanent resident status at the end of Feb and we had our Canadian wedding on March 10th. Thank you again!